Monday, March 13, 2006

Corporate control and biopiracy

There are quite a few issues I'd like to discuss in the future and I will leave you with a few links pertaining two of them. This will be a short post. It's March break, the 'kiddies' are home, my mom is visiting and my (organic seeds and seedslings) plants need to be watered so here goes.

First, the notion of biopiracy in Africa. Here is the pertaining link .

Another big issue is genetically altered crops and GMO's, genettically modified organics. Who knew that altering seeds can effect people's self determination? If companies such as Monsanto for instance, start controlling seed production by either genetically altering them (so that
they would be bug resistent) or 'terminating' them so that they would become sterile seeds. I.e. seeds that would grow into say a bell pepper but you could not save the seeds from that bell pepper as those seeds would not grow into anything.
check this out;

Just some things I'd like to discuss in depth later on with others.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all.

Found a parody of the Monsanto logo being used for protest tee shirts:

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