Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Anyone interested?

Now here is a novel idea. I know it is a long shot because whenever I do a search for blogger roundtable on, I am on page 4 or 5 before I show up. It is strange that the actual site does not register right away and I will have to ask the help desk about it. I said, it is a long shot but in the off chance 'YOU' ended up on my site just minding your own business and actually thinking that everything sounds interesting...If you are interested in this point, I do accept solicitation so email me! Tell me a bit about yourself, your interests and where in the world you are. I so want to get this show on the road and start a discussion...but..can't discuss things by myself. So give it a shot and hopefully soon, I have a few seats filled and we can get the coffee brewing and start talking!

Until then,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea.It's just that I'm more of an observer,but I'll bookmark your blog in my Firefox,and when I have something worth to say I'll make an effort,straighten myself on my armchair,pull the keyboard closer to me,and attempt to write.I hope so...

5:47 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Ha! Considering you're the first online person to leave a comment, I have to respond, well, I would anyway.
I think that since recruiting other bloggers has not been as easy as expected, I will have to change what I am writing to articles that probably will illicit response, as just writing my own thoughts down.Thanks for putting me in your Firefox, I am still aiming for at least three articles a week. So, hopefully something interesting enough for you to comment on..see you around!

2:38 PM  

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