Saturday, February 18, 2006

What common ground could one have?

I was pondering today that when people totally disagree and cannot find a common ground in their particular disagreement, would there be a way to find a common ground that could soften their stances towards each other?

It is perhaps quite a naieve notion to think that that could be accomplished because I have not been exposed to someone that I totally disagree with. Not that I am so agreeable or am around like minded people. I just have not been 'circulating' in the 'outside' world as a stay at home mom so the days of having to work with people that I cannot get along with or being around people who were so diametrically opposite myself are long past. And so are the emotions that come with that.

There is a favourite expression these days to diminish the importance some people put on apparent unimportant issues; "well, in the grand scheme of's not all that important". I am sure you recognize some situations where you have either uttered those words, or something like it or where you have thought to yourself, "geez, get a grip there are more important things in life to get upset over"...or something to that effect.

Well, what do YOU think would be something that could unify people in a real situation of opposite positions? Think about it for a minute so that when the time comes, you can put whatever happens into perspective.

I have one for you was inspired by an Oprah episode. She's been on a crusade of sorts to catch wanted child molesters who have been eluding the authorities. past show 2
captured predator

She also has put to light the way child predators work and how they manipulate children very slowly to gain their trust so that they ultimately engage 'willingly' in their sexual games.

It is so scary to think about all the children that have been victimized and all those children and teens that are sitting ducks for those predators because of the internet. Another scary thing is that the predators are often married men with children and are accomplished professionals including pediatricians, lawyers and other high profile careers. It is enough to make you paranoid.

Another scary thing (there are plenty) is that children ALL OVER THE WORLD are at risk. child prostitution in poorer countries to kidnapped children here in the US being put to work by pimps in the streets of New York , everywhere need to be aware that this is a different world than when they grew up and being more distrustful these days is a very good thing...

for all of you who think you have reason to hate someone because of their culture, their religion or their colour..think again..there is a common enemy we all share .

Look into what you need to do to become aware and how to protect your family and your children..

There are indeed 'better' things to get upset over...


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