Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"My name is Rachel Corrie", New York censorship?

Who was Rachel Corrie? you ask. The name sounds familiar. Well, three years ago this week, 23 year old American Rachel Corrie was killed in the Gaza strip. An Israeli bulldozer bulldozered right over her and her death has been attributed to either having been deliberate or accidental. Mostly deliberate and hence, she was considered a hero by a lot of people.

In 2005, the Royal Court Theater in London commissioned Katherine Viner and yes, Alan Rickman to write a play regarding Rachel's life. It became "My name is Rachel Corrie".
Here is whatKatherine Viner wrote for the Guardian in April, 2005.

Interestingly enough, there are times when I have seen an image or read a news item which provokes an immediate (negative or positive) reaction based on my preconceived notions of how I think a situation to be. For instance, I am not necessarily pro Palestinian (because that would be considered to be an anti-something else) as much as I am for Palestinian self determination. I am mostly (self confessed) anti-Israeli politics (pertaining to the Palestinians) but I do not exactly advocate the destruction of the state of Israel either. It's not always black and white and when you are against certain policies, it does not mean you advocate an extreme 'anti'-whatever it is. For instance, the killing of other people, or the taking away of ones' statehood. (ok, we could go around a circle on that one because it could lead us to the palestinians but work with me here)

So, when this whole Rachel Corrie brouhaha happened, meaning, the reaction to her death and the belief as to how and why she died, I was more apt to believe that her death was deliberate. However, there are always many sides to a story (maybe even 6 ) and considering the idea behind this blog, I would be remiss not to mention another side.

In terms of this blog, I would say that her death is one of those perfect examples of how each side (let's forget the number 6 for now), based on their own notions and also their own sources, can see one situation in a completely opposite way. So it is quite a self discipline to sit back and suspend your disbelief and investigate a bit further.

Back to "My name is Rachel Corrie". A shame, the play was supposed to be shown in New York city, but for some reason,

And based on your own notions, or suspicions, you can imagine as to the why's and how's of that! Deliberate or circumstantial? Who knows really...


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