Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Planet in Peril..worthy topic of discussion

No, it is not the 'alternative' types, or the 'greens' who are being alarmists. Scientists such as NASA's James Hansen, the chief climate scientist of the Goddard Institute of Space studies, rang the bell even in the face of being muzzled by the White House/Bush administration. He was ordered to take information down from his website and was not given press access. Of course, can you keep that down? After it came to light that he considers the climate to be at a tipping point, he has had plenty to talk about and talk to. Read his interview with Time magazine.

One of the people who are vocal about the global warming notion being nonsense is the author Michael Crichton. In his book "state of fear" he negates the facts behind global warming which Hansen thinks ridiculous. People, he basically says, who are the most vocal behind this anti-global warming notion tends to have connection to the fossil fuel industry. Big surprise there. If we were to have a discussion amongst bloggers from other countries, I'd bring back up the lobby groups and their power. Back to the global warming.

Le monde diplomatique writes about our "Planet in Peril" extensively and gives a great overview of topics that are of concern for all people all over the world.
Please check it out and educate yourself. That's the key behind understanding anything; read, read and read some more. And read critiques as well.
For thos of you have can spare a mere $10, you can buy the map of Planet in Peril which gives a great visual understanding of where what how and why.

To think that people are still involved in tribal, religious and ridiculous warfares while this is the time to be involved and to get readied.. that alone is perilous enough!


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