Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rolling brown outs, broken down airconditioning oh my..

I have to bow out for the next couple of days, but hopefully not longer than monday. Last week our upstairs airconditioning went on the fritz but since we have a downstairs one, ours won't be looked at until monday. Let's hope the technicians will come then. Our computer is upstairs and during the day it gets pretty toasty what with it being 90F outside!

So, in order not to mess with the computer which needs a certain amount of 'cool' in order to function properly, I will just wait for this to pass and then come back again.


Anonymous dude said...

hey, i got another interesting blog for u to check out. right up ur psc alley.

a bit more intellectually engaging and stimulting to the psc mind that we are than religious policeman, which is a barrel of laughs..


10:31 PM  

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