Monday, May 22, 2006

June is Torture Awareness Month

For the next couple of days, I will highlight June's upcoming Torture Awareness Campaign.

This is one of those moments in time, when one HAS to jump on a bandwagon. I strongly believe that this is going to make waves where the mainstream media, here in the US and the UK will take note and actually follow up on the goings on in the blogosphere as opposed to the other way around. It pays to read some good blogs, even as a novice blogger trying to find a footing in this vast info world of gazillion blogs. Credit where credit is due;
I found this info by way of Mash's 'Or How I learned to Stop Worrying'. Please check out his post on a Pakistani Brit who's scheduled to be hanged early June. As a frontrunner joining the campaign, he ranked 5th in the blogroll as one highlighting and promoting the campaign.

There are numerous countries where people get tortured without any redress or any acknowledgement from the outside world it is happening. The Torture Awareness Organization is focussing this upcoming month on the abuses and torture that have been happening at Guantanamo.

I will be calling and emailing around this week to see if I can round up some people to join in any of the community action opportunities. Cross your fingers and let's hope I can round up some people.

Check out all this information and travel around some of these blogs. Let's make waves...and fast!


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