Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Osterley Times: Surrender or else, Russia tells Georgia

The Osterley Times: Surrender or else, Russia tells Georgia

Ah Kel, only a guy can talk about cutting another man's balls off..

yes.. Americans all of the sudden discovered the UN charter.. it never applied to Iraq or Israel or...


Blogger an average patriot said...

This is just beginning! After Bush and Rices threats to Russia today and putin's immediate response that we better decide whose side we are on, this has been instigated a long time by Bush and like everything else it is coming to a head at6 the perfect time for Bush and the right!
By the way as to your question! If my tongue is a magnet my mind is my silverware. I just thought I should link to your site but which one is your flag ship?

6:15 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Jim, I missed the threats today as I'm 'manning the fort' alone for the next two days and have two partly sick and bored kids at home..'s maddening isn't it. I remember you writing about your sons and I can imagine that it's so frustrating when other people are oblivious to what is happening. That, or the fact that they'd rather believe in the lie that the cartoon on your site so clearly showed; inconvenient truth vs what was it again, convenient lie?? ain't it the truth!!

anyhow.. my 'flagship' is this one, bloggerroundtable. I started out with lofty goals of having other people on board but when you just start out, you don't know anyone nor do people know you.

At any rate, I'm going to change this ship around at some point (school starts in a little over a week) but the address will remain the same..I changed the colour template and lost some stuff from my side bar and I also need to add the blogs I read..which is plenty so thank you for adding me, but pls be patient as my blogroll is due for a major overhaul!

I'm glad to have finally checked out your site. I'm so used to seeing some commenters on Allie's (Enigma) site that it has become like a gathering place.. her and I have somehow connected which is always very satisfying. (wrote a post late July when I met one of my blogger friends when we went to Washington DC)'s late, I'm startin' to ramble..I need to do a quick 'look around' and then off to bed I go..



9:58 PM  
Blogger an average patriot said...

kids go back to school soon and you will have other problems as you know but yes I like that cartoon because that sums up the situation!
Thanks for your site I will link to it tomorrow. We all start out slow and some of us are still slow. I like enigma's too she is a good person and I like to talk to her but try to keep things light because... she likes it like a coffee clatch and that's cool. I am just a searcher for the truth and speak it! Take care!

10:41 PM  
Blogger lindsaylobe said...

Hi Ingrid

I have read all of your previous posts and articles about this conflict and I think you are to be congratulated in providing much needed factual information.

The United States has provided military assistance to Georgia to train and equip its land and Special Forces, forming what seems to be a close relationship, but I think you arrive at the ultimate nightmare when they became embroiled in war over disputed territory with Russia.

Both sides have engaged in very aggressive action that has impacted heavily on civilian populations.

From what I can gather Georgian leaders must have either be incredibly foolish or otherwise relied on foolhardy assurances to go ahead and launch an attack in Ossetia where both sides already were represented with peacekeeping forces. What did they think the Russians would do? I understand Saakashvilli was highly critical of the initial US response and felt it was far too mooted in relation to Moscow’s push into South Ossetia. Did he think he was going to get more direct backing? From what I can gather I don’t think the population there wanted to be part of Georga either, but in the fog of war the actual position and consequences often becomes clouded.

What’s clear to me in neither side can hang their hat up in any sense in justification, but there is within the USA there is a heavy unjustifiable bias against the Russians.

Best wishes

6:07 AM  

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