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Oil, South Ossetia, Israel, Russia and the US

Pipeline story

As DK noted in one of her comments below (Down the 70s road and Ossetia..).. it's gotta be about the oil and how 'nice' to see the US is not the only one playing this game.. here are some excerpts of the DEBKAfile;

DEBKAfile’s geopolitical experts note that on the surface level, the Russians are backing the separatists of S. Ossetia and neighboring Abkhazia as payback for the strengthening of American influence in tiny Georgia and its 4.5 million inhabitants. However, more immediately, the conflict has been sparked by the race for control over the pipelines carrying oil and gas out of the Caspian region.

The Russians may just bear with the pro-US Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s ambition to bring his country into NATO. But they draw a heavy line against his plans and those of Western oil companies, including Israeli firms, to route the oil routes from Azerbaijan and the gas lines from Turkmenistan, which transit Georgia, through Turkey instead of hooking them up to Russian pipelines.

Saakashvili need only back away from this plan for Moscow to ditch the two provinces’ revolt against Tbilisi. As long as he sticks to his guns, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will wage separatist wars.


DEBKAfile discloses Israel’s interest in the conflict from its exclusive military sources:

Jerusalem owns a strong interest in Caspian oil and gas pipelines reach the Turkish terminal port of Ceyhan, rather than the Russian network. Intense negotiations are afoot between Israel Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Azarbaijan for pipelines to reach Turkey and thence to Israel’s oil terminal at Ashkelon and on to its Red Sea port of Eilat. From there, supertankers can carry the gas and oil to the Far East through the Indian Ocean.

Aware of Moscow’s sensitivity on the oil question, Israel offered Russia a stake in the project but was rejected.

Last year, the Georgian president commissioned from private Israeli security firms several hundred military advisers, estimated at up to 1,000, to train the Georgian armed forces in commando, air, sea, armored and artillery combat tactics. They also offer instruction on military intelligence and security for the central regime. Tbilisi also purchased weapons, intelligence and electronic warfare systems from Israel.

These advisers were undoubtedly deeply involved in the Georgian army’s preparations to conquer the South Ossetian capital Friday.

In recent weeks, Moscow has repeatedly demanded that Jerusalem halt its military assistance to Georgia, finally threatening a crisis in bilateral relations. Israel responded by saying that the only assistance rendered Tbilisi was “defensive.”

This has not gone down well in the Kremlin. Therefore, as the military crisis intensifies in South Ossetia, Moscow may be expected to punish Israel for its intervention.

Click here for the full article.

Now what you should really learn about is Pipelineistan..Eurasia's import (=importance) due to gas and oil reserves...!

Zbigniew Brzezinski "Seventy-five percent of the world population, most of its material riches, 60 percent of the world's GNP, 75 percent of sources of energy, and behind the US, the six most prosperous economies and the six largest military budgets." and "no other power would take possession of this geopolitical space".

Those hawks sure know their strategies..

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Blogger enigma4ever said...

oh my you have been busy lady...
I got get reading..I have been watching the Olympics all bad..did not finish any cleaning or anything...

About the SWIMMING...tonight- Finals- not sure of time....NBC site should have...but how cool to watch on day

4:29 PM  
Blogger D.K. Raed said...

Great follow-up. Of course oil trumps all else as a prime cause for war nowadays. Good map, too, the best I've seen laying out the pipeline routes there.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

thanks's hard to do any reading with the olympics so you're absolved hereby from doing so..[s]
DK, truth be told I scanned and researched (vica versa) and the link next to the map is a different article than the one on pipelineistan so...I hoped the map would suffice because after the break up of the's not my strongest suit knowing which place is which..I figured maps are helpful at any rate when discussing another region...


8:54 PM  
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