Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shooting Back..

B'TSELEM, the Isreali human rights group, gave Palestinians who lived in very high conflict areas videos so that they could record what really goes on, without censorship. Like the supposed 'unpatriotic' Americans, these Israelis are not the norm apparently in Israel. They are seeking to show to the Israeli people what really goes on in the Occupied Terratories. All in the hopes to end the abuses by pressure of the Israeli people themselves.

for more on B'TSELEM and all their work

The resulting military police investigation after airing this film

It's going to be HOT HOT HOT in the next few days..well, hoTTER! (It's all relative I suppose).. For the next few days it will be 101, 102 and this one is loverly..on Monday; 105!! when we used to live in Arizona it was no biggie..well, considered to be expected. But then of course most people have pools in their backyards and we do not have that now...where oh where is our Hobbit burrow?!

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Blogger R.J. said...

Stay cool out there. It's only about 90 here and the humidity is now back to normal.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

stay cool..I'll try to stay 'cool-headed' how's that??[g].. can't wait to hear about your interview robster..



8:50 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I hope you were able to make a mudhole or a giant puddle or a baby pool or some kind of sorry it is so hot there ..take care....triple digits ouch..

4:08 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

it cooled off a bit but we're climbing right back up..isn't it nuts? Last year we were in San Fransisco because I thought, ha, nice..a bit cooler..of course, I ended up feeling 'cold'. brrr...
oh..little one just woke up..

thanks for coming by're always good for a visit..



8:14 AM  

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