Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain and his change to shine at the cost of Georgia

Russia-Georgia war sharpens voters' doubts about Obama, McCain

don't put it past McCain who has some serious ties with Georgia, and with the Bush administration to start something for their own gain. McCain is a foreign policy expert? Please..only to the simpletons in MSM america (since they only bother to get their information there believing everything they hear and see)..

McCain has some serious skeletons in his closet, and one of them is called Georgia;

A Hidden Agenda: John McCain and the IRI

"Presidential hopeful John McCain is hiding a skeleton in his closet. Not your typical political scandal, Senator McCain’s dirty little secret is his longtime involvement with the International Republican Institute (IRI), an organization that operates in 60 countries and is budgeted by millions of US taxpayer dollars each year. The IRI is “officially” a politically independent entity, though in reality it is aligned in most respects with the Republican Party and its ideals. Senator McCain has been chairman of the IRI since 1993 and Lorne Craner, president of the organization, is one of the presumptive Republican candidate’s informal foreign policy advisors"

The neoconservatives have something else in mind...

McCain's Top Foreign Policy Adviser Lobbyed For Georgia: What Did He Tell Tbilisi?;

"[But]pushing NATO further eastward and ultimately up to the Russian border has long been a key mission for hawkish Republicans and neoconservatives."


" was the Georgians who catalyzed this week's bloodshed when its military mounted an incursion into South Ossetia and confronted the Russian troops there (prompting many to ask: what were they thinking?).

"I would say Georgia has a very good PR team. The U.S. and the Georgian government built a very close relationship and it was too close for the good of either party. . . The U.S. allowed Saakashvili to get too puffed up and think he could fly too close to the sun," Charles Kupchan, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a professor at Georgetown University, said in an interview today."


"State Department officials insist they were clear that Georgia should not expect U.S. military support in case of a clash with Russia.

Sure, that was the official line. But we can't help but wonder, what did Scheunemann tell the Georgians? While they were paying his firm hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to help build a strong relationship with Washington, how did he characterize the level of support Georgia might expect?

Scheunemann's influence, either spoken or unspoken, emboldened Saakashvili, Clemons said.

"Saakashvili overplayed his hand. He believed he had the world's best lobbyist helping him not only with Cheney-land. . . but that he also had this wedge into the nerve cell of John McCain, who he may have believed would be the ultimate victor over Barack Obama." (emph added)

so again to quote this commenter (see 'Well look what the cat..' below/Tuesday);

So, if the US thought it would be a mistake for the Georgians to launch an offensive, and even went to far as to seek assurances that the Russians would not respond beyond a certain point, why would the US cooperate in joint war games?

War games are not just “training,” they are meant as warnings, even provocations, and anyone with a brain (or without one) would have understood this to be a provocation, given the tense situation.

The military spin to Landay is not just “who would have guessed,” its a coverup for Bush administration’s reckless provocation.

1. What did they think would happen?
2. How much did they tell McCain in advance — after all, he went out of his way to be “prescient” about this, so that Broder would notice.3. Since they knew Georgia’s leaders were anxious to attack, why did they provide the training to do this.
4. Was this a huge set up? And for what purpose?

Since this could only end in a massive Russian smackdown, the only one who might benefit would be McCain, but only if the facts didn’t come out.
(bold added)

McCain must be in his element..let's hope the Russians let off (if they haven't as some reports say, as this McClatchky's article suggest - US to send Georgia Aid as Russia violates cease-fire - which does not entirely ring true, at the most, they're allowing South Ossetians to plunder)



Blogger enigma4ever said... are all over this McMaverick really effed up...that is all I am saying..and WHY is he a Senator allowed to go over there and meddle for monthes...

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