Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because Saakashvili said so..

Robert F Kennedy Jr. speaks on How the Media fails us.

Please listen to this full 9 min video to see why this Russia/Georgia coverage (and the war in Iraq coverage for that matter) is so positively slanted towards Georgia.
(hat tip to Mary who got this from her friend Susan who got this from...)

This morning I woke up to read in the Independent that "As I speak now, Russian tanks are attacking Gori," according to Saakashvili that is.

however, further down to the bottom of the article;

"Georgia had already accused Russia yesterday of occupying Gori, but witnesses in the town at the time said there had been no Russian incursion.

Georgian forces pulled back from the town towards Tbilisi on Monday after being forced out of Tskhinvali by Russian troops following days of fighting. Moscow said yesterday it had ended military action in Georgia.

Yesterday, bombs exploded at the abandoned Georgian artillery posts, and five people died in what appears to have been a mortar attack on the main street. Russian forces were at least six miles from Gori at the time." (bold and emph added by yours truly)

In the Guardian newsblog I read that

"(Yet)the Associated Press has just reported the following:

Georgia's national security council head says 50 Russian tanks enter strategic city of Gori."

yet this is more likely;

A Sky News reporter Andrew Wilson in Gori says he was robbed at gunpoint by militia supporting the Russians. He reports the regular Russian army as calm. He believes those who robbed him were Ossetians or other irregulars and also suggests looting is ongoing."

Said 'he' and said the Georgian national security council head. Now, we've had 8 years of whatever the administration "said" and didn't you dare suggest it wasn't true. Now the Bush administration is into this with its neck as well (see post below) which of course the obedient American MSM laps up as 'he said so so therefore it's true'.

Until I read something more definitive, I do not want to jump onto the bandwagon. Saakashvili has something to gain by saying the Russians are at it again; he got humiliated and let down by the Americans who trained his forces only weeks prior to his blatant attack on South Ossetia. The Bush administration needs him to continue saying that as an excuse to step in (eventhough the EU would take center stage doing so but the US loves proxies).

Saakashvili made a huge miscalculation and Russia had no other option than to bring the message across loud and clear. The message was also intended for the US to stay out of Russia's backyard, and for others, like Ukraine for instance, to stay within the Russian fold and not try to join Nato.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the original intention of NATO was to counter the communist threat in the East and even though the official line has changed, do you really believe it's not the extension of the US?'s about oil. But if you've been reading news other than the compliant American'd knew that.

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yup...well said- good find..and yeah- the MSM coverage of all slanted..screwed...

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