Monday, August 11, 2008

Russian escalation sends a clear message

BBC's 'Russian troops in Georgia advance

First of all, this is not an apology for Russian attacks. When all of the sudden, a region is in conflict, such as this one, there is a history that goes further back than what was the latest news of last week. Most of us do not get exposed to ongoing diplomatic and actual happenings that lead ultimately to conflict. However, it would seem from reading the various sources, one commenter put it very succinctly;

"So if I've got this right what we have here is the US and Israel fighting Russia in a tiny part of Georgia. Really?" (see post below, thank you Susan)

Well, Israel is not part of this at this point but certainly has been. Apparently, and I say it again APPARENTLY, Russia has been bombing pipelines or so said my husband who came home and asked if I have been watching the news. (pff..Fox? you gotta be kidding right??) dear, I have not, I've been having my mommy-hat on. Bush is supposed to come on the news and announce something. Yes, America Inc. is threatened and the allmighty market is in peril. Now not to make light of the possible repercussions but how much do we need to be enslaved by this whole free market thing?

A quick search online did not reveal anything other than;

Georgia: Russians close off strategic Georgian port
Deal to transform Black Sea port of Poti could lie in ruins as Russians seal off access

[Now]those plans could lie in ruins as the port has been cut off by advancing Russian troops. The 51,000 inhabitants of Poti will not remember the port's 150th anniversary with any affection.

Russia's over-running of Senaki, a town 25 miles inland from Poti, has effectively shut down the country's biggest commercial port.

Georgia: Vladimir Putin sends emphatic message of global importance
Russia's pounding of Georgia means it will use force to protect all 25 million Russians in states that belonged to the Soviet Union

By seizing the opportunity to pound Georgia with air strikes and military incursions, Vladimir Putin, Russia's prime minister, is sending an emphatic message with global consequences.

The curtain has fallen on the era when Nato steadily expanded into Eastern Europe and onwards to embrace former republics of the Soviet Union - and Russia was able to respond with nothing more than bluster.

Mr Eyal said that Moscow's operation in Georgia would serve as a "deterrent" to any other country with a Russian minority. "The message is 'you do not touch any of them because the Russian military is determined to defend them even if it means crossing an international border with their tanks."
It also amounts to Moscow threatening force against any former Soviet Republics aspiring to Nato membership.

Ukraine was officially promised admission to Nato during the Alliance's last summit in April, although Russian objections ensured that no timetable was given.

When Mr Putin sent the tanks into Georgia, Mr Eyal there was "absolutely no doubt that one of his key calculations was Ukraine".

In essence, Mr Putin was seeking to deter Ukraine from pressing ahead with its plan to join Nato - and Mr Eyal believes that Russia's plan has succeeded.

If so, the balance of power in Europe has fundamentally changed and Russia has, through the use of force against Georgia, seized the power to veto Nato's future membership.

I have seen nothing of bombed pipelines yet..but that doesn't mean it did not happen. However, the market is apparently nervous and that makes the American leadership and their interests nervous. The official line would be the concern for consumers etc.. but this whole thing is not about any ordinary citizen. Not for the Russians not for the Americans.. it's the good ol' Cold War game being played out again. That said, did they ever stop playing? I don't think the US did.

Injured woman in Georgia

( The ICRC - The International Red Cross has officially reminded Georgia and Russia of their obligation under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and distinguish at all times between the civilian population and those taking a direct part in hostilities.)

We'll wait and see when and what that announcement will be..Meanwhile, as is usual, ordinary people get the brunt. Like with George Bush, who with his cronies lied about the war in Iraq, the Georgian President knew what was going to happen if he attacked Ossevetia. See Saturday's post, he's been readying himself for armed conflict and armed conflict is what he got.

Now since Western media gives Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili a big pass for being associated with 'the West'.. do not forget Georgia's human rights abuse record.

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Blogger D.K. Raed said...

so when Bush finally made a statement this afternoon, he screwed it all up. He actually said, it seems there is a current effort to overthrow the duly elected government of RUSSIA. YES! Can you believe it? He never even caught his speaking error, just continued rambling about Russia. Then he stopped talking & ambled back through the french doors into the white house. Wow! It's almost, ALMOST, as if he was trying to fan the flames. I mean IF there is an effort to overthrow RUSSIA, we got ourselves a much bigger deal going on than advertised. Of course there isn't. He meant Georgia. But this is the kind of statesmanship that ignites conflict. How on earth can we let that man continue speaking to the world on our behalf?

6:50 PM  

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