Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Swish and swallow...

no..I'm talking about something else disgusting...

This morning, after my son's send off on his first camp out trip (I shouldn't remind myself I miss him already mouthy little twerp that he can be).. I went out for breakfast with my mom. Then, we came home and decided to 'quickly' clean the bathrooms before going out again.
Well, something funky/hinky happened. I had cleaned the tub with the clorox (with bleach) and thought I had rinsed it well enough to spray my vinegar on it to do a final wipe down and shining up the faucet. Well, I got hit by a very vinegary waft and in a reflex drew back. Geesh..I still got a sore throat afterwards which I endured for most of the day but it just kept bugging me. Then I got freaked out enough to call the doctor's office and the long and short of it is; I got prescribed this mixture (siladryl, maalox, licodaine) which is to numb the pain and coat the mucus membranes in my throat. (there where you can't gargle or 'hold' it)..
Swish and freakin' swallow! It's disgusting and the flavour is making me feel a bit nauseated.
The pharmacist said that if I swished it for a longer time in smaller doses, it would most likely have a better effect. Consequently, I 'swish and swish and swish and numb my mouth and yak..swallow.
I'm obviously still a bit freaked out, good grief. But.. at the doctor's they said that it 'only' looked very irritated and it might've burned the mucus membranes a bit in the back. When I asked how long it could take before getting better she said, oh.. 3 to 5 days!

So TUA.. know anyone who's good for healing prayer??!! (g)


Blogger betmo said...

honey- bleach kills everything- not just the germs. you would be better off just cleaning everything with the vinegar. it does more than just shine. seriously.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

I know I know.. but sometimes 'grime' just really gets off better with the nasty stuff. I don't always clean with it that's the thing.. are you sayin' the gods are talkin' to me??

sigh.. live and learn..


9:16 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

"TUA.. know anyone who's good for healing prayer??!! "
Yeah, but it's not for public use. I used it last time I was sick, and even the cats left the room.

Try pinching your nostrils together with one hand and hold them firmly together BEFORE you drink the dope, then, still holding your beak shut, do your sweet swisher sweet routine.:) Keep your beak pinched together while you swallow it, also. If your nose is pinched shut, you won't taste anything.

I eat a lot of my MIL's cooking that way.

12:41 AM  
Blogger susan said...

It's amazing but true that we can injure ourselves just cleaning the bathroom. A tip from wiki:
Mixing bleach with some household cleaners can be hazardous. For example, mixing an acid cleaner with sodium hypochlorite bleach generates chlorine gas. Mixing with ammonia solutions (including urine) produces chloramines. Both chlorine gas and chloramine gas are toxic. Bleach can react violently with hydrogen peroxide and produce oxygen gas.

4:15 PM  

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