Thursday, September 07, 2006

Something personally 'freaky'

Today I decided to go to my doctor because of certain symptoms that sort of reminded me when I had them much more severely about 6 yrs ago and I ended up having an interior tear of the carotid artery. My doctor was new to the practice where I had been going but he was pretty thorough. He noted that, taking my blood pressure twice it was too high and had been (after looking at my chart) for quite a few months. I had dismissed it as early as this winter with another doctor since I figured I was big time sleep deprived and had a few stressful years behind me. The doctors I had seen (for other things) has also noted my, at times, high(urr) blood pressure and said that it 'wasn't good'. But never said why, and wanting to prescribe me something while exercising, taking my bloodpressure on a regular basis to get a base reading which, shame on me, I never did. I had visions of taking the kids to the pharmacy's bloodpressure machine thinking, phuh..that's going to give me a good reading. Of course, ding dong me, you can buy those machines which we finally did a few months ago and ahm..tonight took out of the box.
This morning, this new doctor checked me out, figured I probably have nothing wrong with my carotid artery, everything sounded clear, but he said I should take bloodpressure medicine because I could get a stroke! That got my attention and of course, he wanted to take my blood pressure again which I said, why bother, it's definitely high now!!
He also ordered an MRI which I had done before and tonight, I waited for over an hour after my scheduled appointment only to find out that they were going to inject me with this metal based dye for contrast. Whoa! If I had known (all my other MRI's in the past did not include that) I would have scheduled it and taken my husband along in the event I had a reaction. With enough 'freaky' medical things under my belt (Cushings syndrome, now living large on one adrenal gland, sorry Hippa people, I can say what I want, plus this carotid artery thing), I just don't want to take any chances. So anyhow, I have to reschedule and I still feel some of those symptoms even though my doctor doesn't think it's anything related to that but solely the high blood pressure. Well, I'm a 'good girl' now and took my first BP pill tonight. As I was reading the Austin Woman magazine in the waiting room, an add with a local celeb said, I wear red! Meaning, it was an awareness ad for women because the number one killer of women is heart disease and strokes! Freaking me out even more.
Part of me feels rebellious. Good grief, I am 'only' 42 (and yes, for you who are younger, you'll get there soon enough, don't blink) and I don't want to pop pills for the rest of my life. I told the doctor I have a hard time swallowing pills and in this multiple doctor practice, most of the people are geriatric. I told him, I'd have a hard time as an old lady swallowing ten or so of those horse pills they need to take, yikes! So he found me the smalles BP pill which I was able to take with a big 'swig' of yoghurt. Sure, laugh away. After my son's birth, all the women were drugged up looking totally out of it, me.. I took a children's liquid tylenol and the nurses thought, doesn't she need more?
I'm good with pain, but swallowing pills? I'm impossible..
oh well, I think I might have to really work on thinking happy thoughts (what, no more political posts?), meditating or! No more coffee, well, the doc did not say that, he said no salt but I hardly use salt when I cook, and my husband informed me (who's taking BPpills as well)no sugar..
pass me the carrots!


Blogger zazou said...

Ingrid! How are you feeling? This is a big deal and I hope you take good care of yourself. Your family needs you (naturally)- but the rest of us need you as well for your insight, good humor and humanity.

Stay well and take good care.

Much love,


3:14 AM  
Blogger El Mas Ching√≥n said...


I hope everything turns out fine. I know stress can be a factor. I had that problem about a year and a half ago and once I got rid of the source of stress in my life (my job at the time), my blood pressure was a perfect 120/80.

I hope that's all it is. That's why I spend half my time writing about sports or things not related to politics. Then again, those Townhall critiques are great stress relievers.

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Yohay Elam said...

Feel well !

1:15 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thanks guys. Normally, I don't include personal posts as I don't think it is really that interesting plus personal blogs I avoid at all costs because I think they're none of my business. People's opinions and political blogs are another matter. I had to vent I was so freaked out phoo!
Today my 8 yr old was home for asthma reasons but I think he's on the mend. I think I calmed down later in the day today as I tried to distract myself and tonight being the second time for a BP pill, I think that I am 'half way' there. James said that BP pills take three days to start working so..tick tock.
I am definitely going to have to or meditation seems to be too hard for me right now, seeing that I'd be too restless to sit still for that long.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement..I'll consider this a wake up call without the serious implications..

3:55 PM  

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