Thursday, August 14, 2008

Russia the bad guys? Who are the West trying to kid?

Since the story line is so different here..I have to keep showing the other side of the story. Some bloggers still seem to hold on to the official MSM lines and I'll do what I can to counter it. All this bullshit will only lead to more violence that the neoconservatives are continously trying to orchestrate. They have no regard for sovereignty, people's lives, or even their own military. Whatever and whomever can advance their agenda. Saakashvili found that out the hard way.

"...this version was gaining hold. The story of this war, it seems, will be that the US faced down a snarling, expansionist Russia, and forced it to limp back to its lair.

This is a travesty. But it is only the latest and most glaring in a series of Western misrepresentations and misreadings of Russian intentions throughout this sorry episode. They began with the repeated references to Russian "aggression" and "invasion", continued through charges of intended "regime change", and culminated in alarmist reports about Russian efforts to bomb the east-west energy pipeline. None of this, not one bit of it, is true."


"Perhaps the most pernicious assumption over the past week, however, is that Russia wanted to effect "regime-change". Russian officials categorically denied this, insisting that they had no business overthrowing an elected leader. You might scoff, but Russia has done nothing that would contradict this. The Kremlin would probably be delighted if Georgians eventually punished their President for his misguided enterprise, but Russia seems to accept that Georgians decide what happens in Georgia.

Why was it so difficult for outsiders to believe that Moscow wanted precisely what its leaders said they wanted: a return to the situation that had pertained before Georgia's incursion into South Ossetia – and does it matter that its intentions were so appallingly misread? Yes it does. If outsiders impute to Moscow motives and objectives it does not have, they alienate Russia even further, and make a long-term solution of many international problems that more difficult. "

click title for full commentary by Mary Dejevsky; Russia the bad guys? Who are the West trying to kid?



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