Friday, August 15, 2008

Fridays' Roundup # 1.. McCain sued over infringement of copyright

Considering that mr. McCain taps to the rhythm of his own beat, I can appreciate the difficulty of finding a tune to put some of those attack ads to. Nevertheless, the McCain camp tries to be 'groovy and hip and current'. So they used Jackson Browns' 30 plus old song "Running on Empty" for one of his attack ads on Obama. The suit also includes (get these, very au courant musicians extraordinaire) John Cougar Mellencamp and Abba. Mamma Mia you're kidding me right? (ok..I had to put that in there somewhere!)

For one thing, it's practically safe to say that most pop singers (rock, folk etc the whole lot) support the Democratic candidate even if it would've been

Ernest (not available, RIP dear sincere lad).. Secondly, is it one of those bad habits of doing what 'a' Republican wants to do and general support or support of an unwilling party is still not considered necessary? Does someone over there think there's a moratorium on copyrights past 20 yrs?

Look camp McCain, there's this uber patriot dude who'd love to pen somethin' hateful for FREE and his name is Toby Keith. You can't get any more red white 'n blue than that!

"You're next EIRAN!!"Goodie, does that mean Toby will join the service? your homework, call up Toby and I betcha even Fox will air those groovy rockin' cuntry 'music' ads for peanuts. To quote my lovely friend Enigma..I'm just sayin'..

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Blogger an average patriot said...

And I thought you were tired! You have been busy. McCain is a slimy asshole. Not just bad mouthing Paris and Brittany, and now this but I bet the slime could be sued by many But like the chief slime he could care less, laugh it off, and get away with it!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

I was tired yesterday but this hrs of sleep perked me up! [g] of course, now I'm back in the tired category. and oops, I misspelled sued..ah well..I usually do not bother to check my spelling as it is usually pretty good..
that mccain..I was just noticing how this war has seemed to put a spring in his he's in his element!


5:57 PM  

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