Saturday, August 16, 2008

American citizens in South Ossetia expose Georgian attack, Geopolitics with background info..

Hat tip (BIG hat tip) to mariamariacuchita for this great find. Note the quick producers' reaction to go to commercial break and 'only' 30 seconds of after comment. Plus, great aunty comment; "..I know this is not what you want to hear".. ha! Good for her she probably figured that in order for the world to know that she would need to make Fox believe she was Georgian, and not South Ossetian. Well, can you blame her? She lost her house..

And how about this American visiting relatives as well?? (yes, there are Americans who have family 'over there' also)

Here is what the guy says:
"Shall I speak English now? Because I want America to know it. (overlaying Russian translation)
Americans! If you are watching it, you should know: they broadcast lies and propaganda on your TV. With my own eyes I saw Georgian aggression, unleashed by Mr Saakashvili. Russia didn't start this war - Georgia did. A month ago Condoleezza Rice visited Tbilisi - and I'm sure they planned it there and then. I talked to the people who made it out of Tskhinvali

Geopolitics of Georgia..what led up to Georgia being trained by Israel and the US (see below posts) and attacking South Ossetia in order to provoke the Russians so that the Americans can move in to 'save'. Since the break up of Russia, the US has continued their Cold War and kept up armament and have been encircling Russia. Some Europeans had talked about dismantling Nato as the original purpose was for the Cold War. Heaven forbid!

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