Friday, August 15, 2008

Fridays' Roundup #3 Bush restarts Cold War

It's triple digits here in Texas, but I think a freeze was felt all over the planet with the latest neoconservatives' move (see post below)..this song and music's tone expresses the sadness of not being able to believe in the dream. The American Dream.. as it always was just an illusion;

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Blogger Mariamariacuchita said...

Ah, lovely and soft nostalgia...this makes me long for Christmas...

10:36 AM  
Blogger an average patriot said...

Good song! Bush has created one frigged up future for us and the world and it will not be avoided now but I will shut up! I sympathize with the temps you all are enduring and hope it breaks soon but knowing we are looking at $1,000 per month for oil to heat the house this winter I am not looking forward to the beautiful winter I love.
Just imagine what is going to happen to oil and food costs, all costs, once Bush gets this Forever War going and it looks too close and closer every day? Then I hope people realize that if the chief scum starts some kind of war in Russia that they are going to reciprocate right here!

12:55 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I will try the song again..I think my video card is dying ;-(

Now about all of your fine posts here...sigh...BIG sigh..yes it is always about the friggin oil....155 days to go with this ASshole at the helm- and I hope and pray that we ALL ( as in World) gets there in one piece..but I have my doubts when Bush was on His Farewell Tour- he was really going around squaring everything - every neoconal wet dream- and so has McMaverick- and even Karl Rove was sent to the Black Sea last month for a bunch of "Meetings" and these idiots are doing it in OUR name....

and people ask WHY I feel Un- American- gee I wonder why ???

( I still have not figured out what you stole from me- everything here looks great - and besides- you can steal from me anytimes friend ;-)

Sorry I am so cranky...

hope your cold is mending...hell at this rate I think we could all sit out back and have a snort or two of the old Nyquil..might help eh?

Keep Blogging it...we will get through this Titannical Administration....

3:24 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Maria, welcome! It's funny but a lot of the times the songs that I really liked did not make it big in the top 40 but I still remembered this one. It's sad and sweet at the same time.

Jim, where to start eh? I read in Wired that it was actually cheaper to use airconditioning than it was to heat a house.. sorry that you're having to deal with that. Of course, I remember 'back in the day' when I lived in Ottawa Canada how freakin' cold it can get! Having power lines above ground doesn't help either, that was always one of my pet peeves; have a big snowstorm and voila, you're doubly screwed. anyway..the music conveys my mood. I almost feel as if 'am I the only one who sees all this crap going on and is just lost for words really'?? (well, figurately, but when you think of it, it's all about whether people are willing to suspend their disbelief long enough to even listen to what's going on. Like most, people get VERY upset when you wake them up from their dream. In this case however, if everyone woke up from their collective dream, it'll have been waaay too late.. Ok mr. Putin with the pecs.. you look like you got some spine in you..good luck!

E..are you talking about drinking yourself into oblivion with all this crap going on?? Hey, I know you were talking 'cold' but it would do the trick on all accounts. That said, for some reason Nyquil never agreed with me. I'd feel veery drowsy only to wake up with a start a few hours later.. gargling often (salt water), drinking a lot and getting distracted blogging helped!

where would I be without an international crisis? [g]

'll keep on keeping on bloggin' (sorry..I just saw Reba..I really like her [g])

5:51 PM  

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