Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...

This is the last holiday week before school starts and 'ms Thang' has had her moments these past days. We've had lots of rain (great!), cooler temps, and enough time to play outside. Still, the natives are sensing it's the countdown to school and they're not minding it!! Neither am I. My dear husband wakes me up (well tries to) at 6:30am to try to get me in the earlier morning routine but I still manage to pass out again only to wake up later..still, today it was 7:18am so good enough. I was not tired enough to fall asleep last night and stay asleep so approx. around 2sh..I woke and stayed that way for 'at least' an hour. Routine, glorious routine..we can't wait.
Anyhow..something, after days of intense political focus, I need a wee break. Perhaps later today I won't be able to 'help myself' but for this morning, before the brood awakens, I'll just post a few favourite vids of the kids and I, or just the kids (for Robert and his kids)..The plan for today is AM Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (although it's still lookin' mighty gray and grim outside), PM library, quick HEB visit, maybe haircuts, the Natural Gardener and then home and check, another day done. Oh, and some quick phone errands this morning as well.
Alrightie lovelies, I'll comment on your comments later today..
happy humpday.

Lego Star Wars An Average Death Star Day - for the lego nut. Potential lego kid activity to keep 'm busy??

Star Wars Lego, It's hard to be a storm trooper

Varekai Clown Act...Cirque de Soleil (the little ditty is kinda catchy)

Especially 'ms Thang' loves this song... it makes you feel like the whole world is one and magical!

Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool, aka so you want to be an olympic diver?



Blogger an average patriot said...

ha! today you're the entertainment queen! Cirque de Soleil is phenomenal isn't it? That Bean video was funny too. Have a nice day with the kids!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Border Explorer said...

I was ready for a little Alegria. Thanks.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Mariamariacuchita said...

I love the Wildflower Center. LadyBird Johnson was wonderful to start this, wasn't she? Hope your day went well.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Jim, as you can see, I've seized on the 'entertainment queen' but just for one post. I went out tonight with my husband and met up with someone relating to his work (computer stuff) and of course, I ended up giving as quick a version of the Georgia chronological events as possible (hey, I was asked!). But, like a 'good everyday American', all he could say was (albeit sorta jokingly), so who's the 'good guys'? I'm with the good guys. I told him there aren't any!
See, if this would've been in Europe (blatantly generalizing but there you have it), people would've been discussing politics and disagreeing and/or agreeing any mention of politics and it's 'moving on'!! (that's why I'm online, there's no allowed discussion of politics anywhere people really shy away from it or just plain do not care or don't know anything!!)

B/'re welcome! It's intense to always have 'heavy' discussions or post stuff that required 'thinking' or visitors to 'think' and digest. Sometimes, you need a little light fare in the fray..

Maria, she had quite the vision. Today for some reason the kids weren't as much into it and of course, it was not like in the Spring when it was just gorgeous with all the flowers and what not. That is why I got a possumhaw Holly (two of them) because the Possumhaw Holly by the cafe was just bold and red and bright and beautiful!
I figured I should go back next week to gather ideas and write down plant names etc. for my backyard transformation. Btw.. this Saturday they're having a pre-Fall Seed Sale 20% off. they do not have that much of a variety so I wonder if they'll have more for that occasion. We have a membership so we go whenever we feel like.. If you'd like, you can join me one of these days it's so peaceful..anyhow..I'll see you around it was nice visiting last night and meeting up with your husband..hope we did not stay too long!



9:49 PM  

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