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South American Union?

Photo by Ricardo Stuckert.

According to the Hindustan Times, Chavez of Venezuela thinks that a South American Union is the answer to reversing "underdevelopment, backwardness and violence". He is looking for a "geopolitical, economic and social project" in order to do the job.
Venezuela is about to enter the MERCOSUR, the Southern Common Market.
I bet that this will concern US critics, who have villified Chavez as they have anyone who doesn't subscribe to their brand of capitalism or any other 'subverse' political thought. These days the general public's eye is not often on South America, thanks to all the sadness happening in Iraq, or the 'sad game' that's being played in North Korea. Personally, I have high hopes that South America will cultivate a good balance between economically open markets, and socialist policies that will ensure that the people of a respective country as a whole will flourish and have good and improved quality of life. The only seemingly acceptable social policy that is accepted here is when it comes to corporate welfare. And that is even a term where most people just roll their eyes and quickly move on so as to not give it another thought.


Blogger Lindsay Lobe said...

Competition is a term often misused by business leaders as it is an entirely different thing to that espoused by economists. The idea you reduce wages to increase your competitiveness in not a competitive policy from an economic point of view, the economic term rather refers to free trade that allows cooperative advantages to flourish, a type of cooperative competition to allow countries that have the best resources to be able to compete fairly with the rest of the world. The high subsidies paid by the US Govt and Europe to farmers, damage trade of the developing countries and exports poverty.

Venezuela as an oil rich country should be doing well economically at the moment. But up until fairly recently it actions were not encouraging as it backed out of the Andean Community and a trade agreements with Mexico and Colombia. Venezuela was offered full membership of Mercosur, the trade group based on Brazil and Argentina, but Chávez told its smaller members that it should be changed or dismantled.

So he has now changed his mind !! thats good news.

I don’t think he’s contributed well to his country, but I am not an expert and from your posting , it appears maybe he is getting
better advice. But bear in mind the continuous devaluations of the currency since he came to office.

I feared Chavez has the idea of simply spending the few billons "available" from ou oil revenues reserves, which could lead to a increase in inflation and high devaluation of the currency.

What are needed are creative investments in education and development but also responsible co operative economic ties to ensure comparative advantages for those in the region.

Best wishes

7:27 AM  
Blogger Cyberotter said...

South American Union….hrmmmmm wonder where he is getting that idea from? (North American Union) Either way, the play on the surface is too create a public opinion that facilitating global economic participation as a key “advantage” for all countries. When in fact the global economy is a pseudonym and not meant to be taken literally. Chavez is a byproduct of many years of devastation and war in that region. He is riding the “dark horse” of nationalism. Just like Hitler did in the 40’s. Nothing good can come of this type of posturing for regional domination.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Progressive Traditionalist said...

I think the big story here is not about Chavez, but that Mercosur is now stronger. I'm not inclined to believe this is about Chavez capitulating, but of assessing that the conditions are now favorable.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

I agree - a strong Latin America, with a shift to real social democracy will be good for all of us. Why do we have to continue to roll along in the myth of the market... that somehow the free flow of capital will help everyone. Never has, never will.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Cyberotter said...

For the love of God. Send the kids to summer camp and write more. (snicker)

Just a drive by post

11:19 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Ahem ..did you just snicker at me?? (a drive by snicker at that?)
I just checked mye email real quick before getting ready for visitors today and saw that I got more comments than usual. I'll try to check in later when dh with kiddies have gone out so I can read all your comments in peace and reply. Btw...I'll have to look into a 'make a donation' button so that anyone can help me get the kiddies to summer camp! lol

11:24 AM  
Blogger misneach said...

Informative post. On the subject there was a recent talk given by Noam Chomsky on the "emerging tripolar order," specifically discussing Latin America's move towards greater independence, basically un-doing 100 years of American imperialist (began with Woodrow Wilson, has continued up until now, Reagan and Bush I were 2 of the worst offenders other than wilson) policies. I quite like this blog... brilliant post, thank you.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Misneach, I have seen you somewhere before, in my own circling of the blogs. Welcome and thx for the compliment. There are quie a few well thought out, insightful and interestingly opinionated bloggers out there that I feel are much better than me in articulation,'s not a contest. I enjoy theirs and some of them even visit mine regularly so I'm in good company. Please check out some of the commenters as they have some really good posts and blogs. I think I'll have to get up early from now on in order to read so much more and the (welcome) suggestions/links that people provide like yours. I confess, I do like Noam Chomsky and once also had the privilige to see Norman Finkelstein speak. For both Chomsky and him to speak up cost them loss of family and friends which I think is pretty serious. It's nice to be posting in the convenience, and somewhat anonymity of the blogosphere, but how courageous is it really? Still, the one thing blogs will beat MSM hands down is the communication and feedback that can take a life of its own. I'll have to get up at least 2hrs before my kids so I can do some better work, check out your link and your site. That, and all my other blogger friends' site. It's getting longer and longer!

12:37 PM  

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