Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Big Picture

I have been thinking lately about 'the big picture'. As I've been reading many great posts on many a blog, I cannot help but think that most of us, including myself, focus on all the stories in between the significant changes. All the stories, the many 'nudges' into a particular direction for change by government, or individuals (not just in the US) become a major deal. One of the nudges we're dealing with is the independence of media. It seems like a given, to anyone of any particular political persuasion, that media ought to be independent and yet, so many media outlets (radio, tv, newspapers) are owned by a general few. Hence the fact that so many people have turned to blogs in order to find an alternative view, and an alternative analysis. If you're like me, you start taking for granted that the info that becomes common knowledge shared online by bloggers and commenters alike, is common knowledge with the rest of your little world. It's not.
Check 'Who Owns What' to see how concentrated the media is in your neck of the woods.

In order to snuff out critical coverage of the Trans Texas Corridor, TXDOT decided to disallow a free lance reporter from Corridor Watch to attend information meetings. Read the full story here.


Blogger Zebster said...

Part of the reason why in the estimation of many the press had the kid gloves on regarding this administration for quite some time after 9/11

9:09 AM  

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