Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Democrats looking for new ideas..anyone?

The Washington Post reports that in the past week (the) Democrats have been working on finding out new ideas in order to win back their/a constituency.
Monday started out with the launching of the website
Yesterday, the journal Democracy was launched.
Even as an Independent, I intend to check them out. I do not feel that the Democrats 'deserve' their way back into glory though. They have done enough damage and pulled dirty rotten tricks to undermine anyone else's attempt at the ballot box as if they are the only answer to the conservative agenda in this country. Their arrogance was incredible during the last presidential election, especially since they had John Kerry offering no counter proposals or arguments to Bush's. Even Ralph Nader had gone to Kerry's office and literally handed him all the issues on a plate that could ensure his presidential win. No show. Did not even bother with a recount in Ohio.
Personally, with too many people towing the party line, thinking that centrists and the leftists in the party ought to be together on issues, I think it's time that the U.S. learns about multi party systems and figure out a way to work together. Compromise sometimes instead of the zero sum game. It is possible, it takes political will and I guess in this country, a bit of re-educating. And educating of attitudes and , lord forbid..changes in the electoral system?
It would definitely reflect the diversity of opinions, problem solving and philosophies that in all places, in this country should be able to work because of its size and because it has a federal political system. I believe that a multi party system could make this country a whole lot more interesting and show its true diversity that under the two party rule is totally negated having to be a 'two sizes fit all'. Or make it fit already!
That is my idea.


Blogger Cyberotter said...

Great Idea, now you just need to find someone to pay for it. (grin)

Isn't about time to realize that this country is....I hear it's nice in Spain.

Stroll over and check out dEG's response to my article yesterday.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Is what C?? I hear it's nice in Spain too but living in the heat of central Texas..I'd rather live somewhere cooler right now!!
Too expensive you say? Unfortunately, there is a whole slew of election changes that need to be made alongside campaign laws (would like to write about that someday but most likely not until after the summer is over)..and there seems to be plenty of mula going around for the two parties..btw..did you ever figure out why you were revoked the right to publish something from the DailyKos? Anyhow..I'm sneaking off for a few minutes, thx God I type fast!!
I'll check out your post in a bit..

1:45 PM  
Blogger Cyberotter said...

is screwed

Yes I did. Evidently they took exception to my Arlen Specter article due to the fact he had chemo treatments during the time frame of the picture I posted and they didn't like the Sith reference. I have since apologized to the admin and am re-instated.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Lee Herald said...

Hi Ingrid,

You have an interesting and much needed blog.

Keep up the good work.

Lee Herald

6:25 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Thank you Lee, welcome to my humble blog abode. I attended the press conference of Rock Howard ( last night here in Austin which encouraged me to think that there are plenty of people in the US who are paying attention and try to make changes in the face of the two party dominance. I don't think I agree with everything 'libertarian' but then, who do I totally agree with anyway? The major issues are what counts and I plan to watch his and Michael Badnarik's campaign closely. Oh and James Werner as well. He's the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Texas alongside Kinky Friedman and Carole Strayhorn..ought to be interesting races. Thanks for stopping by, hope to 'see you' again as I always appreciate people's comments or feedback.

1:02 PM  

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