Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Great Scot! Hao Wu is free!

I did not have much time this morning before 'mommy commitments' to do my usual blogging rounds, and lo and behold, my first stop, Mahmouds Den stopped me dead in my tracks! Great news..you've seen it; Hao Wu has been released!
(Ok..I like to think that the few/many of you who had emailed the embassy and joined the Global Voices Online's petition had something to do with that)
After 5 months of uncertainty, including the actual charges, he's out of prison..what a nice way to start one's day!
Here is what his sister wrote in her blog;
Just got a call at home and informed that Wu Hao is out. Thank you everyone for your concern, but he needs some silence for now. If there is any new information it will be posted on this blog
Click and read the full post on Global Voices Online.

One down, 33 more to go! Let's continue equal pressure and pr for the remaining 33 journalists and bloggers still in custody.


Blogger Zebster said...

I knew I'd written a good letter but not that good. That is great news indeed. I was hanging with the family today and I'll have to read her blog tomorrow.
Thanks for the update, Ingrid.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Zeb, hope you had a nice relaxing day. Haven't checked the weather lately but I bet you guys are having cooler temps than us here (96F with humidity)..I could use some of that!
I just noticed how the Free Hao Wu button says Hao Wu is Free..how cute. I bet the WSJ article must have helped.. I checked faithfully but no..neither of our letters got printed..oh well. I was hoping I'd have time tomorrow to email the WSJ again to mention the release of Hao Wu and what might become of the other 33.
It was plain luck I went to Mahmoud's Den this morning first thing and saw his post otherwise I had found out later..

9:38 PM  

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