Monday, July 10, 2006

Join the Blogathon!

As you can tell by the big button to the right; I joined the bloggers against torture. As I joined in the early stages, I was very impressed to see this blogroll get longer and longer..about 200 bloggers joined!

Now, Jamie is going one step further. June being torture awareness month got quite a boost as the suicides at Guantanamo Bay drew worldwide attention and criticisms. Even calls for closure of the detention camp plus a whack on the hands by the US Supreme Court who deemed the whole thing illegal. But..torture still exists. Whether it has stopped since the full blown attention at Guantanamo, who can tell. But..torture will persist the world over and for the blogothon, 'Bloggers against torture' is going to have Amnesty International be the worthy recipient of the fundraiser. Please check out for full info. Excerpt;
Essentially, Blogathon is an attempt by the blogging community to raise money for charity, by staying up for 24 hours straight posting at least once every half hour (and so a minimum of 48 posts). Participants are sponsored and all the money raised goes to their chosen charity.

So, this is the Alliance’s next campaign – to compete in the Blogathon 2006 to help raise awareness of torture and to raise money for our chosen charity,
Amnesty International USA. As you all know, Amnesty does vital work in standing up for human rights worldwide and defending the otherwise defenceless

Even if you have not joined the bloggers against torture, you can still help out. Step out of your comfort zone, be part of something bigger than yourself. Know that this time you can do something even in the 'comfort' of your own home. Your voice is what we need!


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