Friday, July 14, 2006

Follow Mohammed's news in Rafah

Yesterday, I posted several pictures from Mohammed who lives in Rafah. This 20yr old young guy has been asked to stop taking pictures by his mother, as she fears for his life. Yesterday, he got injured by shrapnell but stayed alive thanks to the bullet proof vest he was wearing. This is some of today's news;

When you don’t have medicine, food, clean water and are only sleeping in the street, I can assure you that death is just around the corner. This is what's happening right now at the Rafah border with Egypt, where over 5 thousand Palestinians are waiting to get back into Palestine. Palestinians have been waiting for more than three weeks, sleeping in the streets on the Egyptian side.

On a local radio interview this morning with one of the people who are stuck at the border, a 28 years old woman said: "There are thousands of us here, people who were outside of Gaza, who found the crossing closed when we tried to go home. There are children here who need medication, old women and men who are in very bad shape, and need medicine and water".

She added: "There is nowhere to sleep, very few bathrooms for thousands of people, most of us have run out of money and we can no longer survive like this — we appeal to all human rights organizations to end this terrible situation! People are dying and we don't know how to preserve their bodies and it's not possible to bury them here." She was appealing to the international community and the world to stop this humanitarian crisis at the Rafah border and to put pressure on Israel to reopen the border and let people return to Gaza, and to allow those inside Gaza who need to travel to hospitals, to do so.

I have been thinking a lot more in the quiet of my virtual cave. As in, just thinking without talking about my thoughts. I even started to write in my notebook, as thoughts and ideas come out differently when you write in long hand. The brain literally works differently. Even though I am highlighting the plight of the people in Gaza by way of Mohammed's site, I am by no means going to be soft on any of the instigators in this drama. I want to think and write in my notebook a bit more before I post it here. There are many guilty parties, and I am starting to feel that again, the poor Palestinians are a pawn in the hands of everyone around them. Literally.
To be continued.


Blogger Progressive Traditionalist said...

I've been wondering a lot lately myself concerning the US policy toward Israel, since the US veto of the UN security council resolution. This just seems incomprehensible to me. And I don't understand the history of it.
The few websites that I can find that deal with such a subject are more or less given over to conspiracy theories, and I find their tone to be a turn-off.
I'm really interested in what you might come up with on this.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

PT, quickly before I head out the door..the thing about the sites whose tone are more conspiracy oriented is perhaps because they have been delving into the history of the conflict and some are perhaps also more personally invested. I will probably be a mix of that which you might consider 'conspiracy' to also the very pragmatic view. I took ME politics but it is such a multi layered history..I will try hard to make it clear, or well thought out.. try to..
are you on the road right now?

4:52 PM  
Blogger Progressive Traditionalist said...

Home for now.


8:56 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Ah, so does that mean you're posting when you're home? I'll check tomorrow,

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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