Sunday, July 23, 2006

Condi Rice, why oh why?

I like to direct you, once again, over to another fellow blogger. This one has quite the career under his belt. I am referring to Jeff Huber. Jeff is a retired US Navy flight instructor, operations officer of Carrier Air Wing 9 and the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, and commanding officer of VAW-124, an E-2C Hawkeye squadron.
Here is an excerpt of his "Condi's Diplomacy Equation: War + War = Peace":
On Friday, Rice said, "I could have gotten on a plane and rushed over and starting shuttling around and it wouldn't have been clear what I was shuttling to do."
ANDRice won't be "shuttling," per se. In fact, the won't actually be entering the "Middle East arena." She'll be setting up a regal residence in Rome, largely because our Arab "allies" balked at hosting her visit. She's scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas on Monday. On Wednesday, Condi will entertain Europeans, UN officials and Arabs, all of whom are "dismayed" by the U.S. strategy. There's no word what she has planned for Tuesday. Maybe she'll go shopping for a nice pair of Italian pumps.
She won't be talking to anyone from Syria, Iran or Hezbollah. That's par for the course in Bush diplomacy, which Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) accurately described Sunday on CNN's Late Edition as "juvenile" because we refuse to talk to people we don't like.


Anonymous Yohay Elam said...

Well, before arriving to the region, she declared that a ceasefire is not currently in the agenda. She changed her tone yesterday, but I still feel that she came here to waste some time...

9:26 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

I feel that her visit was a token one, and one that basically signaled to the Israeli gov't, 'take your sweet time'. I think it's an insult to the Israeli people themselves, personally. But apparently, by now she has made some sort of statements which it sounds like has come down heavy on the side of the Lebanese.. I was in the garden yesterday with my children so I did not have too much time on the computer.. stay safe Yohay, I'll come by today sometime later in the day (for me)

8:49 AM  

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