Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The World is relieved!

I am allowing myself to dwell in the moment although my critical, politically Independent self will come back in full force with the 'now what's'..Over at the Huffington Post there is a photo slide of the world's reactions to Obama's victory.

The one below is from my home country the Netherlands. The Dutch are a pretty pragmatic lot who have dealt with ages of religious discrimination and several wars to boot, on their own soil no less! (ahem) And an 80yr war with Spain too! We've been through the ringer. That said, I cannot really say 'we', as I gave up my Dutch citizenship when I became Canadian, thinking I was going to stay there for the rest of my life. In a moment of sponteneity, I told all the Obama supporters on my street (of which there are many with the sole Libertarian at the end of the cul de sac, I bet he's glad that he did not get elected but that's another story)...

I told everyone that if Obama would win, I'd apply for citizenship. It was kind of a symbolic gesture. One that would signify a relief of the past 8yrs and a hope that, in certain areas, the American political landscape would be taken back from the corporations by the grassroots activism that made the Obama campaign so successful. I applaud all you volunteers, you did right and remained steadfast. Great job everyone.
Now I need to find two things; my passport and my greencard. Both of which got 'safely' (!!) put away when we had our flooring changed last Fall.
Is there a patron Saint for lost paperwork? I'm getting desperate! oi...



Blogger A Ball of Light said...

Hi Ingrid

There doesn't seem to be a patron saint for lost paperwork specifically but there are a few for lost articles, archivists and archives as well as for emigrants. Maybe you could also ask for intercession from the patron saints of Canada as there doesn't seem to be one for the United States.

Oh... and while you are on your knees looking for your passport & visa you might consider putting in a good word for President-elect Obama's long and productive life.


12:23 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Amen for that sentiment (and thx for the lead, ehem as silly as it may sound, these things happen when you try to keep things 'safe'!!)
I don't want to be negative in the light of this historic day (as overused as the word may sound now) but if he's truly trying to make certain changes, I suspect deep in my heart that an assassination might be plotted. Not by rightwing nutcases, but by monied interests..

thx for stopping by,


12:57 PM  
Blogger A Ball of Light said...

i think that the two labels you used (rightwing nutcases - monied interests) may frequently refer to the same group of persons... the difference usually means that the ones who get caught and prevented (or not)from completing their actions didn't have quite the organizational skills of the others, or were willing to take the fall...

As for your lost documents may i suggest when you find them you place them somewhere that will automatically spring to mind when you need them... maybe some place like an ICE box. (wink)

Good Luck

1:17 PM  
Blogger Border Explorer said...

Ingrid! I'm so excited you're considering citizenship. It is the very first concrete evidence I've seen that we've turned a corner here in the U.S. I just know you're find those documents in a very safe place. Hugs!!

1:28 PM  
Blogger D.K. Raed said...

OK now breathe deep and think back. What room WERE your documents in before you moved them? What other kinds of things were in the room where your documents were & where did you eventually find them? What rooms were NOT being re-floored (good place to start looking)?!!

I saw those pics of people rejoicing all over the world -- very nice! I wish some of our TV coverage would've shown more, for this victory is not ours alone & sharing it with the world is part of the story. We need some more of that famous Dutch tolerance here.

3:12 PM  
Blogger susan said...

I'm still planning to return to Canada before the next election but then, I'm not only much older than you but I've been here longer too. At least I can know that I was an alien able to help with the shift.

Best wishes - and yes, I did post today and it's dedicated to you :-)

Great stuff you have today. Whoo hoo!

9:59 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Susan..thanks for the post at your blog..gee..shucks (oops, no 'shucksing'..bad memories with THAT ONE)...hehe.. I will continue to have dual citizenship though because I did not give up my Dutch citizenship 'for naught'. I've been here since '97 but I emigrated to Canada in '84 so I was ahem..20 when I left the Netherlands. Definitely too old to ever be moving back there and definitely have changed too much to 'belong' as well.
AboL..put it in the icebox..check! Get freezer ziploc bags and double up..CHECK! [s]..
as for your observation of 'rightwing nutcases' and 'monied interests'.. there is a definite distinction between those with money and probably their own considered 'heritage' (and hence, their sense of entitlement) and those who are just not particularly smart and function as the lemmings that get moved as needed by simple emotionally and religiously charged issues, like an old time general pushed his pieces across a miniature battlefield to play out his strategy..dimwitted pawns in essence.. but I will say this; it is not only to the right of politics that these manoevers and attitudes happen, especially in this country (bilderberg anyone?)..
DK..I can tell you're still excited and why shouldn't you? Boy, it feels good to be on a 'rational' side of things for a change WITH the support of a large base of Americans who've decidedly said 'we're smarter than this' (or 'her'!!) The only 'positive' thing to have come out of the neoconservatives' power is the political (re)awakening of a LOT of people who've started to blog.. what an awesome coincedence isn't it?


9:13 AM  

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