Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Marketing of Sarah Palin

R.J. Matson

Thank you thank you and well said Sarah Wildman (Guardian);

"In the hours since Thursday's vice-presidential debate, the punditry class has filled the airwaves and web, parsing Sarah Palin's failure to fail. But what is perhaps most striking is what Palin failed to actually say. Amid all the "doggone"s and "there ya go"s and "Oh, yeah, it's so obvious I'm a Washington outsider"s, Palin neglected to articulate any difference between the McCain-Palin ticket and the current team in the White house.

Joe Biden, even if restrained at the outset, made a strong, forceful case for how the Obama-Biden ticket would be different - far better than Barack Obama himself did in his first debate against McCain. Palin, on the other hand, had all the spontaneity of a grown-up version of Small Wonder, that 1980s robot girl from Saturday night television. In the end, Biden looked like a president. And while both candidates (rightly, I think) shied away from answering the macabre "in the event of the death of your running mate" question, only Biden looked like he would actually be able to assume the job of president in such an awful scenario.

Part of the problem is that Palin isn't being marketed as, nor is she expected to be, a politician. That's all well and good for PTA president, or mayor, or maybe even governor in a state without a huge number of people. But when we're talking about the highest executive office, there need to be a few criteria in place beyond relateability." (emph and underlining added by yours truly)

More in; Will the Real Sarah Palin please stand up?

Walt Handelsman

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You for this great article. I am in Juneau and walked by the Governor's Mansion today. I now know why they like living in Wasilla. Most of the Juneau neighbors have Obama signs at the Palan Gov Mansion.

I am voting for Obama. My Grandkids are being asked to bankroll the excesses of the Bush and McCain ideas. My grandkids need healthcare and good schools, not a war that Bush lied to waste money and lives. I am very upset that the wars and the multiple bailouts are being put on credit cards for my Grandkids to pay.

Thanks for the article! VOTE OBAMA!
It is time for someone who can count in the Whitehouse.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Dear anonymous..the money our kids and grandkids have to pay is so seemingly untangible..people have no clue no matter how often you'd repeat the fact. FACT!
What a funny tidbit to know that most people near the Governor's mansion have Obama signs.. could I ask you to send me a digital picture of that?

thx for stopping by..
here's to November..


8:14 PM  

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