Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Walter Mossberg/Kate Swisher interview Rupert Murdoch

"Mr. Murdoch, did you have anything to do with the NY Times endorsing Obama in the Democratic Primary in New York?

"We're on the verge of a complete phenomenon," - "Politicians are at an all-time low and are despised by 80% of the public, and then you've got a candidate trying to put himself out above it all. He's become a rock star. It's fantastic."

"McCain has been in congress a long time and you've got to make too many compromise,"

"What does he really stand for? He's a patriot - he's a friend of mine and a really decent guy - but he's unpredictable.

"[He] doesn't know much about the economy and - I say this sympathetically - I think he has a lot of problems."

Hat tip to Kel at The Osterly Times for first writing about it.



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