Monday, June 09, 2008

McCain's legendary temper

Amazingly enough, after all those years, McCain finally got the nomination to run for President. Is there a collective amnesia going on within and outside of the Republican party? There are some idiots that seem to think that it's good to have a war president that is not afraid to butt heads (see one of the commentary of the article in CCM), but all in all, most people do not like someone losing their cool for whatever perceived slight. Considering that the College Conservative Movement made a list of his outbursts should tell 'you' and him something as well.

That said, it could bode well for the Democrats. Someone who can give it but not take it will lose it under pressure and most importantly, during a televised debate. Barack Obama has kept his cool (except for one time but I don't recall exactly with which incident, remind me pls) under the most GOP-worthy savagery from the Clinton campaign. He kept distinguishing himself by not giving in and continuing to take the high road, the last notable one during his victory speech . McCain on the other hand better have some good handlers because I suspect he will let it rip sooner or later in public. This man apparently has gotten a free pass all these years and to be this immature at his age is indicative that his 'getting older and wiser' has come and gone.

I keep saying that if the Republicans had chosen a nominee who would embody the same high road principles that have made Obama stand out, they would have really chosen a candidate that would have differentiated him (her?) self from the Bush administration. And gotten a few Democratic voters in the process. People are tired of politicians behaving badly. Is the GOP so out of touch and focussed on power taht they cannot see or accept a trend when there is one? It must have been slim pickins' because somehow McCain resurfaced and finally got the nod of approval he apparently so craved(s). The other candidates were not too memorable and perhaps with Obama being young and obviously being able to reach out to young(er) voters, the GOP will rethink their strategy. This McCain campaign already has the markings of a patronizing 'we/I know better' routine, and quite frankly, I'm 'already' 44 and I get annoyed by that. (read about McCain's infamous speech)

If we get more of these types of reactions from McCain, I think we needn't worry come November;

It's well known that McCain has a temper. He is commonly despised by people he works with. But I don't agree with Kevin here that this is just an intemperate blast that shows he's too hot-headed to be president (although he certainly is.) It is to establish his dominance on military issues and the war. As much as he's a mean man for real, he is also a ruthless politician who is positioning himself as the older Alpha Dog against the "disrespectful" upstart. This is some primitive stuff unfolding here.

McCain is also playing rather crudely into the developing theme that Obama isn't patriotic or quite a "real American." You would think that it would be ridiculous to claim such a thing when Obama is voting for a GI Bill and McCain isn't, but when you really look at what McCain does in his statement (you can read it in full, here) he goes out of his way to juxtapose his family's long history in the US military with claims about Obama only supporting veterans out of political convenience. It's really quite insidious.

I have no doubt that McCain really was pissed off.But this statement is also a political document, vetted by the campaign, and they aren't idiots. They released it for a reason. We all think this makes McCain look like a crazed hot head and that people will reject him for it. But keep in mind that this kind of thing also plays into McCain's carefully crafted persona of being a "straight shooter" who doesn't calculate his every word for public consumption. Losing his cool is part of what a lot of people like about him. They see it as a sign of authenticity.

It's a rather audacious shot across the bow to Obama, who came back with a measured and reasonable response:

Read the full article McCain Puts His Temper on Full Display with Anti-Obama Rant

And for the Mark Benjamin article; Military leaders concerned about McCain

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Blogger susan said...

For a long time my opinion about John McCain has been that it's not a matter of his age at all but a matter of his emotional stability. He should probably get in line for treatment of what is quite likely to be diagnosed as PTSD. The man is loony.

7:50 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Someone who can give it but not take it will lose it under pressure and most importantly, during a televised debate."
A head to head nuclear confrontation might come in second to that debate.:)

8:59 PM  

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