Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yikes! Gaining weight from Lexapro?

from famsa

My dear (blogger) buddies know that a few months ago I started taking Lexapro as I had started to experience panic attacks and the good doctor prescribed me the Lexapro. I had started to feel better and have not experienced any more attacks but a few weeks ago I felt as if I started to gain weight. At first I dismissed it thinking, ah well, I have to accept that I AM getting older (ouch) and that is what happens (big SIGH) but today I all of the sudden had a bright (yet scary) thought; what if the meds made me gain weight? And well, it's not that significant in terms of the number of poundage,ahem.. but I can 'feel' it, ("and that's all I have to say about that", ok forest) anyhoo, where was I? Ah! I can 'feel it'! Let the records show that I have always been a slender tall (yes hate me already) 100lbs until I was 39, and got pregnant with my second child who gave me hips (thank you dear) and turned my body in what it was 'supposed' to be. I weigh around 124lbs now. But it's not the actual weight, but how it feels. (Yes I am familiar with you all but I don't want to get that familiar, alright? ahem, where was I again..) AH! the feeling part. Anyone who's experienced fluxuations of the weight gaining kind probably knows what I am talking about. (the feeling part)
My husband said that I definitely needed the lexapro because I was in a bad shape for a few weeks. Well, after reading about it online about all these people who gained weight from Lexapro and other anti depressants, I decided to stop. Not cold turkey, but slowly as you can supposedly experience nasty side effects if you come off it too quickly.

Oh brother. Well, good thing I have been getting ready to plant my first lasagna garden (aka sheet composting in which to plant), and hopefully I'll be able to start tomorrow..I've been itching to do so and I have re-visited the non profit a friend and I started (half heartedly since we forgot about it ..ahem) , the permaculture initiative. Since my friend is much too busy to follow through with the pursuit of the non profit, I have decided to write a business proposal so I can approach more people to get on the board. Hopefully once I'm off the lexapro, that 'feeling' will dissapate and my ehm..area will go back to where it was... good grief, if it's not from having children it's from meds.. wish me luck!
I'll try to post some pics of my lasagna gardening..
and now, if you will excuse..I will go and find my happy place!

Finding Nemo

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Blogger Mary said...

Can't wait to see the garden pictures. I love that you call a lasagna garden.

I have got some extra pounds myself but mine are coming from, well I don't know where they come from. I've always exercise and I deny myself what feels like everything. Anyway I just bought a treadmill so I can run in all weather. Here's wishing us both...lightness and being.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Ha Mary, you mean unbearable lightness and being!! Here here, I'm walking 2 miles almost every day and I hope to increase that to at least 5K (since there are quite a few 5K run/walks here in Austin)..
enjoy your rest of the time with Michael!

9:46 AM  

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