Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ray McGovern on NIE's

Ray McGovern explains a little on NIE's, National Intelligence Estimates. McGovern, an ex-intelligence officer gone activist, has quite a few good insights:

NIE, which leaned so far forward to support the White House’s warnings of a
made-in-Iraq “mushroom cloud,” remains the negative example par excellence of
corrupted intelligence. The good news is that Tenet and his lackeys were
replaced by officers who, by all indications, take their job of speaking truth
to power seriously. Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis, Tom
Fingar, is a State Department professional not given to professionally selling
out. And his boss, John Negroponte, is too smart to end his government career by
following the example of his servile predecessors in conjuring up “intelligence”
to please the president—not even for a Presidential Medal of
Freedom. Unvarnished NIEs sent to the White House by the Negroponte/Fingar
team have not shied away from unwelcome conclusions undercutting administration
claims, and have gone over like proverbial lead balloons. An estimate on Iran
completed in early 2005, for example, concluded that the Iranians will not be
able to produce a nuclear weapon before “early to mid-next decade,” exposing
Cheney’s fanciful claims of more proximate danger. And an NIE produced in April
‘06 on global terrorism concluded that the invasion of Iraq led to a marked
increase in terrorism, belying administration claims that the invasion and
occupation had made us “safer.” Worse still from the administration’s point
of view, patriotic truth-tellers (aka leakers) inside the government apparently
decided that administration rhetoric on both of these key issues had
deliberately misled the American people, who were entitled to know the
truth. The two unwelcome estimates meant two strikes on Negroponte. Then
the White House learned of an impending strike-three—this one an NIE assessing
the future in Iraq and apparently casting doubt on the advisability of U.S.
escalation. In a classic Cheneyesque pre-emptive strike, the estimate was put on
hold; Negroponte was given a pink slip and assigned back to the State
Department. There are rumors that Fingar is clearing out his desk as

Let's cross our collective fingers and hope no idiotic strike on Iran will go through.

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Blogger Gary said...

It's interesting - and poetic!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

the dj I was apprenticing with for a while at the community radio interviewed him this past week. He has a lot of high profile, interesting interviews. Too bad he/we don't have them transcripted..

9:37 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hi Ingrid. I am very behind in my reading. In some ways I think I am avoiding the news and politics. We don't seem to move forward. I'll get my head and heart back in it soon.

Michael has 15 days leave starting sometime next week and that will be a huge relief. Meanwhile I am running between studio and office. Taxes and kiln firing! Last night on my way to check kiln for umpteenth time in freezing cold I got smacked in the nose with a broom. The firing didn't produce the results I was hoping for so I'm feeling defeated on that front too. Waaaa.

8:47 AM  
Blogger betmo said...

ingrid, these folks have shown time and again that truth does not get in the way of their agenda. this will have little to no impact on them moving ahead with whatever their agenda is. whatever it is- won't be good for america or the rest of the planet. these folks are still doing what they want with relative impunity.

7:37 AM  

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