Thursday, October 05, 2006

World Can't Wait-Drive Out The Bush Regime

I wanted to create a link to Kel's site, the Osterly Times to one of his posts, but for some reason it just did not work. Hopefully it wasn't a 'mis'feature of the new Beta Blogger thing but Kel was so kind to send me the link anyway. Here is what he posted:
The following is a statement by actor Sean Penn given on October 2, 2006, at the Great Hall of Cooper Union, New York City. It was read by Mark Ruffalo (Penn's co-star in "All the King's Men") at an emergency meeting of "World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime" held in response to passage of the Torture Bill and in preparation for protests happening on Thursday, October 5, in over 190 cities nationwide.

We the people of the United States have a unique opportunity. We can show each other and the world that what the Bush administration claims is their mission is not ours. And, by leading our country as a citizenry and demanding of our government an immediate end to our own military and profit investments in Iraq, display for the entire world that democracy is a government of the people. What more powerful message to send the world than that we ourselves can choose - in policy, in peace, and in humanitarian support.

In fascism, one serves the State. Let's show the world that with democracy, we can make the State do our bidding, and that such bids would not be the blind ones, given exclusively to the friends of power. But rather, the domain of the people of freedom everywhere. This is an administration that advocates torture, deceives the public, spends billions of dollars on a failed war. This is an administration where in the year of Katrina, Exxon Mobil claimed the highest profit margin in the history of world business. It is an administration that belittles, demeans, deceives, and indeed kills our brothers, our sisters, our sons, and our daughters.

It is happening today and I did not even realize this as of course, where would you read it? Oh but of course, a British blog!! Anyhow, follow the link for Sean Penn's full statement. Among some of the ditzes and self centered ones, there are some actors/actresses who are eloquent and thoughtful and first and foremost, concerned and non apathetic citizens.


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