Monday, October 02, 2006

UN's Oil For Food Programme, What's more Corrupt the Programme or our Perception of it?

Check in again with my mentor, Pedro Gatos from KOOP radio, 91.7FM tonight at 6-7 Central time. Here is what he is going to be talking about tonight, and perhaps even interview someone (that I don't know yet):
Celebrating our KOOP Fall Membership Drive

Special Topic:

UN's Oil For Food Programme

What's more Corrupt the Programme or our Perception of it?Streaming Live by going to our website or to

Please join us for Monday's show that shall have as a special focus the UN's Oil For Food Program. We will examine just how "corrupt" the 'programme' was and why and how our perceptions of the degree of its corruption may be so disproportionate to reality.

You may go or to access the radio link at KOOP 91.7 FM online.

Don't Be Late!!!!
I hope this email finds you in good health and is not too invasive.

The Radio station that hosts our radio show and which I am a member is having its KOOP Membership Drive. As you know, our show is each Monday from 6-7pm CST and is called "Bringing Light Into Darkness, Monday News & Analysis".
We have two shows during the membership drive. Monday October 2nd and Monday October 9th.

I am trying to promote friends and listeners to call 512- 472-5667 (1-888-917-5667- toll free) during our show's time to become members by making tax deductible donations. The advantage for our show is that when you call and identify yourself as a fan of Pedro Gatos' show it improves the value of our show for the station as well as supports KOOP Community Radio. By improving the value of the station and the show it allows greater access to the community of our program content which we believe is a unique critical thinking tool and important contributor to understanding and disassemblying ideological systems that promote unfairness and injustice.

Below is the KOOP promotion,

"KOOP Radio is kicking off its Fall Membership Drive Saturday, September 30th. Your support ensures that KOOP will continue to bring Austin high-quality, innovative and diverse community-oriented programming."

If you are up to it please pass the word and call between 6-7pm CST this Monday or the next Monday October 2nd or 9th. The most important contribution I can ask for is to attract listeners to the show and expand our dialogues out to more and more people. If you feel comfortable doing that please invite folks to request being added to our regular email list of upcoming shows.

In pursuit of social justice!

as always my best and my continued repect for your honest concern for social justice!



Blogger Jeremiah Bullfrog said...

Oil fer food wont wurk and here is why:

1) It is spelled program, not programme dangit..that is foriner talk and I take it as a threat...We dont cotton ta that kind a talk round here....Ninja pose ready!

2) Has you ever tried ta eat oil fer food? You caint do git sick...It tastes wurse than Otha's deep fried Rocky Mountain Oysters dangit!

Th' only program like that that ever wurked wuz Saint Ronald's Arms fer hostages thang. Everbody need arms, I dont care if you is a hostage or not....that is a program we can all git behind....

2:24 PM  

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