Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Banned Book Week

I know that any self respecting progressive person will automatically react and say a resounded NO to any form of censorship. Will also react to anyone seeking banning books. Now when I thought of 'banned books', I automatically thought of politically banned books. Goes to show what is in my head, figures. But no, the bulk of challenged books that sometimes end with being banned are due to considered vulgar language, pornographic descriptions, homosexual content, and what is considered pornographic depictions.
Now I'm going to pull a Sophia on you for a minute (Golden Girls): picture this, Holland 1976, I was 12 years old. One lazy saturday morning when I was still in bed contemplating getting up, my mother came into my room and sat herself down on the end of my bed. She started to talk about 'things' I had probably heard in school from other kids etc etc. As it dawned on me what she started to talk to me about, my sheet went up a little higher and higher until I had almost covered my face (it went up to my nose) in embarrassment. My mother, not being one to torture her child, said, do you want me to continue? Or do you want me to give you a book? Well, I wanted her to get the hell out of my room (it was getting hot under that sheet) so I said, book!! (now go!) And hence, a few days later, when I was cleaning my room, she came in and said, I got that book for you. I very casually (I was good)said, oh, just put it on my desk. Waited for her to leave than went straight to the book and opened it up. Well, it had pictures all right. Naked pictures! The middle part of the book even had a couple laying on top of each other. (not moving or anything, this was totally clinical and no harry potter special effects). It explained the birds and the bees quite well, and it had the appropriate pictures to illustrate. No worries, no banning there! (yeah yeah, I heard it all before, "what can you expect, you're from Holland!")
As a parent now, I cannot totally dismiss the originating idea of why to challenge a book. I can appreciate their concern. However, if there is such a fear for the content, why not ask for a compromise and ask for an age limit or like with films, let the child be able to take it out only with the consent of the adult. I consider myself open minded, but I know people who are much more so with things/issues that I do not think are age appropriate so there are people who would totally not be comfortable with my level of openness.
Still, in order to at least appreciate what people have objected to, plse follow this link and click on 'what's in the books'. You might be surprised.
Parents protecting the minds of children


Blogger Cyberotter said...

Were Fockerizing our children.


You know hwo to challenge a book? Don't read it.

Say "NO" to censorship and "YES" to responsible parenting.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

LOL.. it's all in supervision sometimes too. There are times when I am busy getting dinner ready, my youngest watches tv downstairs and my oldest upstairs. I remind myself to watch a few of those shows with him to gauge how idiotic they are and how much of it is tolerable to me. (Jimmy Neutron is actually funny enough for parents to watch too). There are ways to prevent your kid from seeing or doing things and it's all in the parenting and supervision. I think each generation was/is exposed to certain things that might raise eyebrows but in the end, most of us turn out ok..

1:18 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

My big sister is almost 10 yrs older than me (dad was in Vietnam, received a serious injury, so the last thing my mom needed was more little ones to care for while my dad on the mend) and she pretty much told me everything I needed to know about sex, but she told my mom that she had talked to me and then my mom talked to me to make sure that my sister didn't tell me anything false or pass along misinformation.
But I can see where a book would be very useful. Especially if the parent, child or both are uncomfortable with the discussion. I agree that a book like that should be age restricted, but certainly not banned.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Glad your mom tried! And got a good book to you too.

These folks need to get a life - sexually explicit literature and the use of profanity are minor compared to building an empire; having a military budget larger than all other nations combined; having the highest rate of prison incarceration in the world (after S. Africa); a rapidly increasing number of homeless and poor children and waging unwinnable wars in foreign lands...

I think parents need to watch their children's media consumption and be sure kids are aware of the risks out there, but seeing a cartoon of a naked person or reading the 'f' word is not on the top of my list of concerns.

4:41 PM  

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