Wednesday, September 20, 2006

True Blue

"I have the best daddy in the whole world and I will miss him every day," said Irwin's eight-year-old daughter Bindi. "When I see a crocodile, I will always think of him."You're a brave little girl Bindi, and I hope that the future of the world will be filled with more passionate and caring souls like your dad, and not with war and fear mongers who threaten human and animal life the world over. True Blue.:Fair Dinkum
Virtually the same as True Blue - honest, reliable, trustworthy, dinki-di; someone who has embraced the Aussie attitudes to everything, especially mateship. 'Are you fair dinkum?' means 'are you telling the truth?'


Blogger Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for the post. You might liker to check out the poem THE CROCODILES ARE CRYING by Rupert McCall, a Queensland poet who wrote a tribute to Steve Irwin...posted on my site

Best wishes

6:47 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Lindsay I will. As I was driving my children to school this morning, the radio dj (a 'cool' sounding guy if you know what I mean) spoke of the fact that he was suprisingly as much effected by Steve's passing than he would have expected. Then, he read what Bindi said during that memorial and he got all choked up and had to pause at times. Of course, I had tears going down my cheek and as we got to school I quickly sniffed in my tears, got out of the car and walked them to school. I think everyone can just imagine how hard it is for little Bindi to lose such a great and enthusiastic and inspiring dad. For me, I can too. Mine died when I was 12.

7:25 PM  

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