Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama disillusionists; Come Join Us Independents!

Yes, do, come and join us. See, we know ALL about being disillusioned. Disappointmentment. Not to mention the harassment you get from 'those' who do not like your candidate well, you guys just went through the ringer with that one too the last half year haven't you?

But.. what IS required for joining is the following; (and since we're Independently-minded, we REALLY do not like the small print so here is it to you straight)


First off, you're not allowed to feel sorry for yourself. I know I know, it's a biggie and it's tough 'cause you've been getting together online, angry and upset at your Knight in Shining Armour..misery loves company. But.. it takes thick skin to be working on changing the political landscape. I mean, have you tried talking to people about electoral and campaign reform to anyone? Did not think so.

Secondly, becoming an Independent requires a shift in the brain. You'll be discussing/working together with a slew of people who call themselves Independents but trust me, sometimes they think totally opposite of you. And yet you pursue the same goals (electoral reform, breaking up that two party system, yadda yadda yadda). Democrats, Republicans, 'Unknowns', all together at one table? I know Obama thinks he can be a President encouraging bipartisanship but if you've never tried it, or you remain bitter about those 8yrs we've had to endure..cha.. just think of it as good practice.

borrowed from Reclaim Democracy

Thirdly.. did I mention you'd be in it for the long haul? Now of course, if enough Democrats mozy over our direction, we'd have more people out on the street and whereever we'd try to actually make some changes so who knows.. the long haul might actually get shortened.

Fourthly, do expect a rude wake up call. Seriously. I mean, have you ever thought about how you treated your local Nader supporter asking you for getting his name on the ballot?? hmm?? We still remember California (nasty asses, sheesh)

Lastly, even though we are a band of Independently run organizations, we do have 'some' clout in the election. Swing voters they call us but I personally do not like that term. We're no 'swingers' but try to support politicians at state and national level who come closest to our leanings and if in luck, our pursuits. (electoral and campaign reform, you'll get tired of that subject but it's an important one)

So what does this 'clout' mean for this election? Well, speaking for Independent Texans, that means we do support Obama. (isn't it ironic, I'm sure you see the humour in this but stay with me on this one)

See, we off all voters understand that there is no perfect solution with only two candidates who have to somehow appeal to a mix of left or rightwing voters.

You'll see that that mix at any given table can still cause some pretty passionate and sometimes angry discussions but.. you're still either on the left, or the right so what can you do? Ahaa! Well that's the beauty of it all;

You become Independent, still supporting and voting for Obama BUT..sending a big message to the Democratic Party (most people seem to really be annoyed with Pelosi so here's your chance..); listen to us more closely or we won't return to the fold.

Call their bluff. And take some distance from it all while helping us Independents out at the same time. You go back no problem, you go back. Hopefully we all will be a bit closer if not really close to all our goals; being heard and yes, yes..electoral and campaign reform!!

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