Saturday, April 21, 2007

Started a new site!

As some of you know, I'm big time interested and into permaculture even though most of you probably still do not know what it is. Well, I decided to start a permie blog so I would focus my sustainable, 'green', environmental and socially and economically and politically pertinent posts on that one. It's called the Austin Permie and I already got into a snag with the new features Blogger is offering. I linked ALL my favourite sites to it and nada..can't see a thing on the site. Well, I do not have anymore time to play around. I sooo need to go to a babyshower. My husband and kids already went an hour ago (I'm chilling and enjoying the peace and quiet) but I do need to hussle my touchie into the shower and into getting dressed.. (is it 11am already??? aah, how nice to be alone!)
Anyhow, check it out for future reference: Austin Permie.

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