Monday, April 16, 2007

Out with Religion, In with Spirituality

THE GOD DELUSION what do you think?

My brother in law is staying with us for a while and not having a job, he watches tv in the morning which I never do. Today, while taking a coffee break, I saw a bit of The View where the ladies interviewed Bill Maher. Bill is strongly against all religions and believes that faith is the greatest con in history, which got me thinking.
To me, all 'religion' (speaking of all religionS) should be done with. As sophisticated as we've become due to scientific knowledge and discoveries and technological advances, religion should have been relegated into the heap of 'old fashioned way of thinking. Or 'when we used to believe the earth was flat'. (or believed in Creationism, the literal interpretation of the Bible). Out with religion, in with spirituality. Because with all the knowledge in the world, our most basic primal fears are not necessarily addressed and done away with. Our philosophical sides still need answers. I'll leave this to be a short post because I need to do more work before picking up my younger one from school..
Who can think of a list, categorizing 'religion' and 'spirituality'?

Let me go first;
Religion - conservatism, the need to control. Spirituality - liberalism (freedom of so many things), the wisdom to not needing to control

Religion - exclusivism, one true way of believing. Spirituality - inclusivism, you follow your own path, others may or may not follow alongside of you.

Do you have any?
BTW.. you can still be a believer in any particular faith and be spiritual of course, that goes without saying.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I had a feeling you were waiting for my response on this. I never came up with a list, but I've always felt that organized religion is based on greed and power. Just look at what Pat Robertson and his Regents University has done with our government.


11:33 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

You're right!! LOL I know of at least ONE outspoken online buddy that I can count on the 'share'..ha! I am with you on the organized religion part. However, I think people give up their intelligent and critical thinking when they go to church and a lot of them turn into sheep who just follow the hoopla. Even the last church that we went to, I got pretty tired of the constant fundraising and what was done to accomodate that. Hence I've been searching for a spiritual community of sorts to share things with.. I cannot find it in church where people do not really speak their minds and give up their brains..

9:13 AM  
Blogger betmo said...

11:01 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

ha betmo! I remember you being very ANTI religion and religion being organized
I will check out that site this weekend..thanks for the lead,

10:54 PM  

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