Saturday, June 10, 2006

John Murtha's smart move

John Murtha, the outspoken critic of the Iraq War, announced yesterday that he was going to go for the seat of Majority leader if the Democrats would regain control of the House of U.S. Representatives.

Naturally, he got criticized by the Democrats but I say..good for you..don't follow and tow to the party line! The Democrats I feel have been wimpy from the beginning by not NOT fighting to stop the war on Iraq.

I think John Murtha is counting on the fact that the tides have turned and that people will respond to the anti-Iraq war message..finally. Since John Kerry waffled his way out of a Presidential job by not even using the biggest carrot on the stick one could hope to have as a presidential hopeful (being against as opposed to being for it like Bush)..I wonder if the Democrats are going to allow another 'waffle' job come the next election.

As an Independent, I feel there are just as many Democrats beholden to special interests and the military industrial complex than the Republicans. So unless the Democrats are unequivally against the war, AND jump (JUMP already!!) on issues given them on a silver platter by a bunch of bloggers and of course, many many human rights organizations, in terms of torture..than I for John Murtha. He's going to stand for something and I suspect, will walk to the beat of his own drum..not the party. Good for you Mr. Murta..remember, you represent the people..not the party!


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